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Grimoire Capricornus

by Cedric Till

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Prologue 04:05
[Verse 1] ...As the veil lifts slowly The spotlight allows the whole crowd to behold me Covered in blood, forehead shiny Salt protruding from my eyes as I peek Down the first rows, hope I see someone I know No reaction, there is nowhere to go The first words leave my lips, silence greets me My sense of environment just cease to exist In the middle of the speech I forget what was scripted Memory draws lyrics from areas restricted The tome that I studied prior to performing Appears in front of me and flips open like it's been dormant For too long and, the pages turn, to a section I desire burned, it reads "you're nobody's concern" "Where's the love" I asked but never learned Until I found it in myself, not everything given is returned [Chorus 1] I stared down the mirror, my reflection flinched Lost my shadow and got sued for neglicence I know the past haunts whoever sins But I am loved for my flaws, who's a seraphim? So blow the horns for the Paladin That killed the Crusaders after joinin' Saladin Spread the word through the taverns and inns So that all heralds will sing: "Concrete Cee is back again" [Verse 2] Still astage, telekinetic manual motions Turn the page, observe a battlemage, at work I read the phrase "when in doubt, give" How much is determined by, wherever does thou live I read from the brother of Tantarian And the cousin of the epic written by the Sumerians Haikus de grace, poetry of war The depth within the lines is confined to the pause Between measures, to those who know me I must really seem restless, no peace to rest in Mostly I issue answers oblique as questions That don't betray intentions, I beat depressions The same way, you'd treat unhealthy obsessions I substitute, now I covet the succulent fruit of my labor It fell far from the trunk of the Yggdrasil planted Rotten at the end of the branches... [Chorus 2] I used to carry my sword round for all to see Till my blade went dull when foes cornered me I used to stay on squares that's unguarded Until I got checked, now I steer clear of carnage I used to overbet hands that were garbage I can't tell you where awakening started But the pen had more ink to spare So today I read to you from the Grimoire Capricornus...
Ebony Ingots 02:39
[Verse 1] If I were Shiva, imagine the amount Of middlefingers, you couldn't even count Baptized and drowned in the blood of a hellhound Voicelessly cursed, can't tell how the spell sounds Ganesha's in the room, all obstacles removed, and that includes you And your frail crown, you're nothing but a failed clown Face painted black and white with tear smears The smell of regret sears your nostrils, hostile Morale apostle, you've just committed a cardinal sin Behind your fraudulent grin, from which dishonesty Stems, is what we call something to protect Kung Lao style, chop your head off, with the brim Of a hat, well worn by an anti-villain Summon up Gil and then, you gon' need Gillian Anderson, to add warmth to a cold case In the X-Files, the next to try's next to die By the rooftop assassin - Diazepam with The exercise of Walther 2Ks, the echelon Is elite, Tom Clancy ops couldn't compete The way the carcasses are laid out is neat Like paper towel origami, the intricacy Of my calligraphy would make a brahman bow, and kiss the feet [Hook 2x] Ebony, ingots, swords made from black metal Add a heart to the forge, strike swift when the blade's On the anvil, let it draw blood Cause the Lord of Mysteries demands all ten samples [Verse 2] Find me at the lab with a blank stare My mind is a turtle, the track is a hare, already been there And done that for 13 years, visualizing the stairs Not the steps through my career, never near unprepared Write lyrics like an inkblot, challenge you to interpret What I think, not laying it bare, taking it where My bars are called ingots, got plenty to spare Yet none in the vaults that come with large market share Thinking cap on, mana is increased When I rec songs, spells are cast on every release Between dusk and dawn, I wrecked the most beats Chanelling my dark energy to listeners in the mezzanine Phantom of the HipHopera, when I take a bow Give proper love or I take a bow and spill lots of blood Better yet, I start asking for neglect Reverse psychology or not, what would you expect? [Hook 2x] Ebony, ingots, swords made from black metal Add a heart to the forge, strike swift when the blade's On the anvil, let it draw blood Cause the Lord of Mysteries demands all ten samples
[Verse 1] Shot some Grey Goose like on a hunting season Dropped the bottle on the glass table, just another evening In some bar, ran by some Parisian with no love for laws Oui! Money laundry, every honey was a barbie Caught me, off-guard, RSVP Invitation mailed to me, Mr. Concrete Cee Metrosexual dress code? Let's go casual The bouncer was a lesbo with an afro "Laszlo?", called the boss' name, said "Small change don't belong in Gucci purses, you're looking lost, man" A shady man passed me with a chuckle But my name was the guestlist, I'll get him on the double Entered the place, some dang ho with her pants low Her thang showed, pinker than a drunk man's nose I swear to God, somebody kill the disc jockey Fuck The-Dream, play some 2Pac, you asshole! Can't believe they employed him He looks like he had a boyfriend Had a voice that reminds me of Cher on Autotune It offends the ears when he sings karaoke, shit's horrible Then I heard a Japanese dude Say in chatroom speak to a woman "I <3 you" Am I on the set of "Fear and Loathing in Berlin City"? Or what the fuck is going on with these people, huh? [Verse 2] Twenty tequilas later, a Tila Tequila hater Debated on promiscuous girls that scheme to get the cake up 150,000 a year, just getting laid up on camera And eating more people than cannibals, then he added: "It proves that we're animals, we call each other Bitch, swine, snake, rat..." - Damn booze! Drunk people shouldn't speak, or do you take: "Ow man, I'll punch you in the cheek!" Probably as: "Let's have a lunch next week!" Exactly girl, he told you to run it, it's Chris B, peace...
Hark, who goes there? "Death!" [Verse 1] Jaws drip saliva, venemous fangs Are bared, wiser men have been known to die in vain So pour a little glass for the carcasses Pray your nightmares never enter metamorphisis Welcome to the mind of a man past 7:30 Turning apparel from eggshell to burgundy Certainly you got a few questions On how you got here (instant - piano - drop!) He met this blonde with a pair of scissors And she's good with threads, I pity your fate if you ever meet her sisters Never take her on a walk, cause despite the Hermes boots The lady ain't as fast as she talks Settled at a bar, ordered Scotch with the ashes Of a phoenix, and bid the Leviathans nice evening Double-edged sword overhead, just a deadly decoration In case a patron'd skip out on the tab [Hook 2x] Don't push me, cause you're close to this edge You should try not to lose your head [Verse 2] He's charcoal to a Twin Flame, passenger on the Styx Ambassador of the Abyss, hair about as wavy As a kris, seals deals with a kiss Then ensures the fine print stays written on your skin Last seen at the Garden, which one? Anyone, Madison, Eden or Alhambra His idea of retirement the same as a Blade Runner's Saw a woman walk alone and regards her with great hunger A voice in his head says "I know that you want her" Another says "You're better off looking for someone younger" A sharp pain in his arm interrupts them both Then his eyes find a man with a Colt in a trenchcoat Everybody turns in shock, as the man who was shot Burst aflame, he screams from the surging pain Only blood came in spurts remained The bullet with fine gravure said: "I curse your name!" [Hook 2x] Don't push me, cause you're close to this edge You should try not to lose your head
Metachapter 02:09
[Verse 1] Moths around a lightbulb, a dusty old tome on the pedestal In which the author pens with a feathered quill Drawing from an inkwell, filled with the thoughts Not intended for a Pensieve, for if sentiments are vented The result is explosive resembling nitroglycerin And I cannot be held liable for visions that may, enter their minds And my resistance to fear is ten times of theirs So why would I dare, expose'em to emotions that scare? Imagine, everything that your intuition Would tell you was true, is trusting it what you'd fail to do? If you could see the waypoints of a person's path And read the dialogue, rehearse it before your first of chats You grab the phone before it rings, a second later You bluntly address the person like "Hey, pretty thing" "How're you doing?" Her response is far from congruent But before she gets to say it, you let her know you see through her Imagine, you had a scale for a thought Which has weight, and if shared with a person it has more You may now see the extent of the gravitas Present in this elaborate sentence in this passage Take a look at my shelf of classics The Oghma Infinium right next to the Mysterium Xarxes The Philosophy of Time Travel, the revised version Of the Neverending Story starring me Books are scattered like the Chromanin, a horde of Your worst nightmares will attack you if you open them While many of his fellow writers press for bestsellers The Paladin is on a long lost quest for valor The tarnished armor is a witness of forgiveness The fact, that he is still drawing breath should scare you shitless No heir to riches, he was situated poorly In his childhood, he lost his friend Falkor to a blaze of glory He found solace realizing he could write Then he turned into a warrior poet, like almost overnight The clouds formed a doubt storm, he nagivated the sea Of depression following his inner light, knowing that When the Focault drops the last pin The cleansing of the spirit will begin The summoner will send the spiritual particles off into the wind After the body dissolves, few of us know where the soul went...
The Farplane 03:13
[Verse 1] I strive for serenity, provide for my kin in need Try to throw aside all the emnity, remember me As a man of honor with a code of valor and virtue Loyal but trust I have good reason if I desert you When we part, there are no words due All roads must cross or fork I appreciate the shared stage of the journey, but in the end Alone I walk, until my soles are worn out On this road to perdition as perceived by those who don't listen And those that took heed know the difference Between a slow progress and failure I ponder what lies yonder, when karma took effect on my persona And the toll I could exact justly, pay dues and receive them What limitations must I exceed then? Ambition pains as blood diseases, depressed I often wondered if death was the only way to peace and freedom [Chorus 1] Celebrate life, do not mourn death It's part of the game, to not be a part of the game It's easy to follow suit, much harder to reign Or to walk on your own to the Farplane [Chorus 2] Celebrate life, do not mourn death Advice attained, through a life of pain I meditate daily, isolated from the strife and strain Eyes closed to prepare for my final day [Verse 2] Our voyage is one of coping with defeat, laughing in the face Of the odds, stacked against us, tasting victory gloatingly Despair is when hope leaves it seed in enemy soil But when disaster's averted, it was worth the toil Your plan's to fail, if you fail at planning I fell down hard, but afterwards soared high, like Galilean cannons I look through jaded lenses but remain adventurous Enough to muster the required strength to take the distance And explore whether our fate is friendship or battle This warrior poet likes to state Invictus Stare beyond the mask and see I cater to thinkers Strength, a taunt and charisma are hook, bait and the sinker I heard history was written by the victor Took his story with a grain of salt and picked up the quill To have a dead track for the train of thought, get aboard And make sure it gets abroad as I walk to the Farplane... [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2] [Chorus 1] [Chorus 2]
[Verse 1] Writing rhymes, my calligraphy of pain Curses are in cursive, I'm not worth worshippin' Fuck a legacy, my feelings be the same And I'm not going to church again - I'm past prayin' Put my sword in a stone, put the stone in a river Let it freeze to a glacier, my soul season is winter My eyes do the talking when my lips are sealed Let your heart do the knowledge when I'm spittin' the real Let my fists convey whatever language cannot Let action solve what words can't, cause y'all gon' stand For peace while it is in your interest, quietly protest Meek like slaves that chose death - I don't jest Smoke the cess to postpone the stress Then I go home to rest, another day another euro Got bars for the beats, got work for employers But the doors I plan on going thru shut when I get too close You abide by the law, I slip thru loopholes Once righteous, now my mind is in true neutral That's what the blues do, I'm world-weary Everytime I face depressions, I'm seeing my girl teary Christened evangelist now an existentialist My basic autosuggestion was I can handle this Then I'm proven wrong, then I do a song About movin' on to analyze what I'm doin' wrong Regarding fucks to give, I'm in debt While I wanna learn more, I also wanna forget Wisdom's just a testament to the pain You can lie to yourself that you made it through, but the scars remain And you'll always remember, you'll always be traumatized My heart has a wound, at times not even love can cauterize It re-opens everytime I am reminded By these irredeemable people, who claim they care about me That's why they doubt me and I get their hatred Masqueraded as concern, are you insolent by mistake? Am I too much to handle? If am let me go Everyone voices demands, they won't let me know I can count on them, not by words, but by actions Am I better off alone like addition by subtraction? People say they feel me, should I believe them? When it's everyone for himself, why listen to your reasons?
[Chorus] It's still chilly in the city, pistols'll blast Some lost the battle to forget, not remember the past Apocalypse travels in fours and vengeance is sworn For family members that's gone, this system is wrong They say that sky is the limit, the hood got strong gravity Hazing the brain to bits with drugs to flee reality If you live by the sword, by the sword you'll be killed I hope your flesh appears strong, when compared to the steel [Verse 1] Welcome to canine claymores, stolen cars dodge radars Fuck how they paint the walls, the grey's in our hearts Empty glassy eyes of teens congregating at malls Camera surveilled train stations, freebasing in parks Most flats reek of booze, weed, cigs and condoms Squad cars are seen on my block just like they parking Cops come out of laundries in civis Like I can't recognize their faces, or I ain't privy to the fact They just got bribed to keep their eyes off the pies in the basement Forget to pay and they'll be signing that statement, see thru my eyes And notice everybody's war paint, red halos, black wings All'em fallen angels - You still wonder where the faith went? Everybody rather make them ends meet, than make amends Those are the basics, most fathers are faceless Most daughters are ageless when it comes to pregnancy Arranged marriages, 5 digit dowries, hurray pimps! Hummer 3s, Alpine Beamers and Maseratis Driven by women in clothes that's probably worth a bachelor party Criminal energy lends to allegories Seen and heard it all before, so I can tell this story [Verse 2] Shattered glass at a bus stop, low lifes rambling Marinating in cheap beer, slot machine gambling I rode the train one time, a bum carried his literal shit In a bag, still begging for dimes Playgrounds are needle beds, drug stashes and Every so often you're crossing the path of a soul fiending for meds Golden pants, hair and face done up A blue spot on her cheek, symbolic to most of their lives on the street Concrete blocks on their feet, swim vests on their chests Tears up to their necks, money talks them to death The chalky outlines got names and dates on them All set ahead of their time, it's like they wait on them Grave warnings are issued, if pay's brought in Love's the opposite of a virtue where's hate stronger Good deeds are shot down with shrugs from the elders The only sense of unity's collective failure...
ABC 03:49
[Verse 1] The phone rings, I'm busy drowning competitors in Haterade Tell the caller to suck his own dick with a razorblade Throw the horn down on the receiver And proceed to raise the cleaver to a couple poor clowns in the bleachers Of the O²-World, fuck you booing my team for? Berlin City bitch, I put your beak on the floor I bring the drama my wealthiest enemies can't afford Cause lifepartners start cheating when there's feelings involved Now who would've known what I was supposed to do? Not me! Leave her soaking from the overproof - Knock-kneed! Will she stop walking like a penguin soon? Godspeed! But if she won't, it wasn't me I might dirty my hands but never my pants cause Everybody has a thumbscrew and I know the one of your friends Man, sodomize a Taurus, in other words Fuck the bullshit, let's hear the chorus from your daughter, she says [Chorus] Momma, there goes that man Conca, asshole by circumstance Berlin City representer, with a noose for a chain For you spitters if you think if you can hang - I hear them say Momma, there goes that man Conca, asshole by circumstance One deep till I'm six feet deep, you go hard? Double Eagle on the course, and you, you just parred [Verse 2] Sippin' on the tears of a widow, called Cliquot So mellow like Melo from the midpost Till a Napoleon Complex midget feelin' like he 6'4" Hands on his throat, now he feelin' like Carlessimo Back to the champagne supernova, cascading Down a glass pyramid, when the waitress finishes pouring The bottle is placed inside of an ice cylinder Women that rejected me feeling sour like vinegar Don't wanna be friends now, huh? Like I give a fuck Any meaning attached, anyway I'm just cynical Indigo child, penning prose in a style Difficult to profile, results pending Folks doubting my drive, ultimately lack engines Demon at the crossroads, blood in her inkpen My soul for a fortune? Don't even get to thinking I stab the bitch thru her pink skin and tell her take me to the kingpin [Verse 3] From the first, defiance has been my sanctuary Middlefingers raised like rents until the day I'm buried Not even hell is scary, strugglin' a part of me Even if death has finally conquered me, my obituary Will read: "All hail Concrete Cee" The purgatory awaits, I pet the dog at the gates Call the Devil a bitch ass nigga, exact revenge And reappear with the grin of the Grinch in a black trench In any event, many have sinned They'll be forgiven when I empty the Semi at their expense Marry the Maiden of Anguish, impale her with the stainless Broadsword ensanguined by archangels that caved in See to it illumination remains dim Inject the venom of snakes crossbred with fake friends Count my paces and take ten, raise the .454 Casull Contender To her temple, Amen...
Truth Serum 05:30
[Intro] It was August 21st, 2010 There was a prologue before that, but in all reality That's the day where this story begins And every time he hears her voice, he feels he's there with her again [Verse 1] Walking through the city, two souls at peace Finally they found each other, who had thought they would meet? And time flew by, neither wanted to part One last hug, he entered the bus, that was the start Of many nights missing her presence, contact Was sporadic, both of them stressed out from life matters They had their own romances to cater to Time went on and he began to favor her He had to sacrifice a piece, he had to make a move What if to win the game of life a queen's to lose? Butterfly Effect, which reality is his? The one that he pursues or the one that he resists? He bottled everything up until he couldn't While trying to prolong a match, knowing that he shouldn't When they spoke, he knew she noticed the tension Tried to give her clues, didn't know if she would get'em She soothed his pain for the simple fact she listened And cared, what he bared to her, he wouldn't tell a friend This, bond they share's so magical and intimate He wants to start anew with her and that is just how real it is [Chorus 1] He could be the one She could be the one If she'd just let go Nothing's holding her back and she should know He could be the one She could be the one If she'd just let go Nothing's holding her back but does she know? [Verse 2] He's an open book to her, her voice is truth serum She wouldn't need to ask for his secrets to hear'em Whispering her name to himself, smiling with A warm feeling inside, not able to think of somebody else He wonders if she's thinking he's just a friend He remembers her swearing to never love again He knows she craves warm affectionate embraces Knowing her heart is truly safeguarded, cause it's sacred Only wish he had was share another moment Hopin' it won't end, just soakin' it all in He could feel from her aura, she's so tense Just wants to hold her, carefully close in Kiss and tell her "There is nothing I won't do for you I know a lot of women but to me, they ain't as beautiful" Her brown eyes are full of tenderness Them alone is his vision of perfect present tense What a team they'd be, Capricorn and Taurus Patiently persist beyond the obstacles before'em He knows that risk is involved But pursuit of happiness is what existence is for... [Interlude] He wrote a lot of love songs but never pressed record And you've never pressed play, when it's you that it's for Rest assured, no matter how life is taking its course He'd gladly give you the keys and tell you that he is yours... [Chorus 2] He could be the one You could be the one If you'd just let go Nothing's holding you back and you should know He could be the one You could be the one If you'd just let go Of what is holding you back and let him close [Outro] If this Earth should come, to a desolate end Let us clasp our hands, and walk... Just the two of us... Just the two of us...
Echo Herbs 03:23
[Verse 1] I saw a picture of you sitting on the grass Crimson hair, a beautiful face, the sun caressed A white blouse, a leather top, a plaid skirt Your smile enhanced the magicks your gaze worked If only you would look at me like this I'd probably be the happiest man alive Instead I'm treated to weeks of your silence Forcing me to see my sentiments die I saw a picture of you standing in a crowd Stood in the same place with you nowhere to be found I saw a picture of you staring thru the fourth wall Like there was somebody out there that you longed for If only you would look at me like this I'd be assured my sentiments are requited Instead I get a tick on every message sent With no reply, still I tried for the sake of us being friends [Chorus 1] I can't let things that were unsaid reverb In my mind, your, spell is silenced Girl, won't you taste these Echo Herbs? Let me remedy your ailments Let me be your paling Why are you so still towards me, yeah [Verse 2] I miss you like souls ascended Sorrow got me cornered but I won't surrender Have our impulsive ways ended a friendship? With you breaking a promise I don't want to remember Sunny days felt gray, it's the same weather Tremblin' while pennin' this Dear Jane letter Young woman, if you only knew How bad I wanted to ease the pain you were going thru Every mile of distance, every silent minute Intensified the feeling and now I killed it When the storm has subsided, maybe we speak again Maybe money and time allow us to meet again Until then, I'll take my leave, wish you all the best Even all through the stress, I wish you all success I will manage in the meantime Life has beaten me bad but I will be fine... [Chorus 2] I can't let things that were unsaid reverb In my mind, your, spell is silenced Can't let you taste these Echo Herbs Who will remedy your ailments? Who will be your paling? I like that now you're still towards me...
[Chorus] Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood Looking for me? I am where I'm loved Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood ... [Verse] I've no patience for the weak-hearted Don't want to be part of my party, just be honest I'll keep walking on my way to my fate - Pisces in the 12th House If anybody relates, repeated misfortune as pride led me To refuse extended hands, naive as I was I put my trust in the poorest of businessmen Only I can set my standards to live up to I challenge what you must view as the rules to life So all that's left on my lips is a cold-hearted "Fuck you" To anyone who looked down on me while not being one to look up to I read Sun Tzu, Robert Greene and Tsunetomo I'm the prototype of a maverick, Musashi if he was a rapper With his own dojo, fly calligraphy and plaques of gold Demons couldn't capture his soul Dressed in robes like a wizard, malt beer cold as a blizzard At the annual sit-in, cause of celebration is friendship Intellect and character equal respect in my view Yours incompatible with mine, and your language is crude Panorama vision, big picture in a small frame Like reversal film, your projector's broken, mine works for real In other words: people, curb your resentment You have given up your dreams, don't see no worth in commitment Not to mention, my decisions remain unforgiven Long story short, you may judge, but the case is still pending! [Hook] Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood Looking for me? I am where I'm loved Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood Looking for me? I am where I'm loved Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood Looking for me? I am where I'm loved Soul of a gentle giant, rebel defiance is in my blood!
[Verse] Beneath a pile of bills, as heavy as the pressure to succeed Or to feed your seeds, you place second your needs You demand what is rightfully yours, that's not greed I wish I could show you where I hope your path'll lead To my fellow craftlovers that's lacking a backrub Or a reason to a continue a job you don't love Other than the money earned, hand to mouth living A full fridge from begging, ignored as the world turns Big city anonymity, you're nobody's concern Where's the love you ask, but never learn Virtues society placed in a urn, you uphold I mourn the living more than the ones who were taken by gunsmoke Faith in religion, your only crutch that's not broke Out of touch with family, like dialing a number Not in service, at the cemetery the flowers Just drop to wither away, try again another day That will never come, whatever your dream is, it's never done Unless you decide to wake up, in that case you live At the same time, attending your own wake every day Forced to repeat the same mistakes See the numbers game is hard to win Especially if it is foreign expectations that you're caught up in Responsibility's the cross we bear with no acknowledgement Duties taken for granted yield no feeling of accomplishment Everybody tells you beware the man on the lever Same people turn silent when told to speak up Adapt to the average, you will never keep up Analyze your leverage while playing like you're weaker Defiance is the fuel to the motor called motivation Last thing you wanna hear is "Be patient" People always tell you: "Settle for security" Sure is death so to be sure to breathe [Hook 2x] Better take a gamble and lose, than never winning Cause you don't play, just keep the wheel of fortune spinning All is okay, as long as you got a day Left on your ticket to life, one more chance to get it right
Epilogue 05:31
[Verse 1] Burnt scrolls as the magic is forgotten And the ashes of a tome have been thrown into the wind Some will note this was a long time coming Even more so hope the author's soul has been cleansed The longest journey ends, Stark wins Over Archadia, the calculator beat the wand again So where is April Ryan when you need her? Clouds of chaos are forming over the keeper of balance Of his own world, in which everything that pertains To his life's been a challenge - Merits are unacknowledged, errors are magnified beyond The point of being able to ever live them down, a frown Was chiseled in his face, the rage boils beneath A rugged surface, a cherubim figure, kind eyes But well intent to cut your spirit from your body Should you ever breach the peace that I seek! Disinherited the Earth because I'm clearly sick and tired of playing meek Raise my cleaver to the sheep, halal slaughter is in order Starving artists need to eat! I refuse to bow To your motherfucking rules, gimme mine or get beat! What the hell you think is bound to happen When the boiling point reached? Bet a planet, I'ma feast On any motherfucker that I meet Spit the bones onto the ground before your feet Very much irreverent, intentional neglicence Kick the door in, take a dump on a carpet in your residence Ask me if it's vengeance, I say nothing then you guess again If you don't understand me innately, who's crazy? Like you can't really sense the influence that nearly made me What I would hate to be and gladly ain't have yet become The only thing that keeps my heart beating is the drums And the melody accompanying, destiny will come... [Verse 2] *sigh* Tears 'cause of people are pearls before the swine Diamonds in the dirt everyone leaves behind Potential is a lie, well intentioned is blind What you will find, the skin of a person's a braille sign Touch it, you feel exactly what that person has in mind Still, unrequited feelings put you in that friendzone As women run back to who touched down in that endzone Please excuse if I'm cynical Tomorrow it may occur I see a different you This goes out to everybody that I fell for Have a nice life, see you at hell's doors Inhale NO² now, teargas later Or mustard gas for that matter, who cares I'm climbing up the ladder of success, see you when I get this paper Dressed in fly attire, happy to see me now, ain't ya? Hater, catch me cool as a glacier Wherever the bouncer deny you the entrance I invested a lot but it didn't pay me no interest Withdrew, left middlefingers for you Take heed to words of weariness, glaring thru a pair of jade glasses At a woman with some Girlfriend Experience Under a spell like Imperius, curious in appearance But ain't really caring, pedal her rear end What for it's worth, I learned to curtain my impertinence Sober mirth was shown when life wasn't merciless Erred on occasion of emotional impairment But still inspired forgiveness on the grounds of my awareness Of my huge inadequacies, laterally thinking Your way around power games is a delicate matter indeed Glad if me and my soul mate ever meet But until then, I'll be like my engineer, trying to master me... [Verse 3] See, compassion is a tear jerker, for the one who feels it Reciprocity's the only way of building Absence can make hearts go yonder But sometimes it does the opposite, so what kind is it? These are findings, from experience mining This vein is rich, let's bleed it, what better timing? If it's cryptic, there is mystique to it The interest in the occult is deep rooted But to ignore the game's rules would be foolish Tesla ended impoverished and secluded Thomas Edison has patented inventions that Actually were none of his doing, who cares to prove it? The thought of creativity's so amusing A race to getting credit for a stolen blueprint Please pardon my transgression, as the truth is The least valid selling point in all of music It used to be choosing a niche that you fit Now it's to do whatever clients tell you, kiss Your self-realization goodbye If ever in your plans were to sell a couple units Grimoire Capricornus shall commemorate Explanations of things that are hard to demonstrate Self-fulfilling prophecies that when the record's played Set the record straight... until I've left the stage...


released January 16, 2017

01. "Prologue"

Written by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"
Produced by: JerriKoe
Guest appearance by: Ian Dickinson (voiceover) ; Marius Gold (guitar)

02. "Ebony Ingots"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: JerriKoe

03. "Chevron Three"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel

04. "Who Goes There?"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel
Guest appearance by: [name redacted]

05. "Metachapter"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel
Guest appearance by: Ian Dickinson (voiceover)

06. "The Farplane"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: VPD
Guest appearance by: [name redacted]

07. "Calligraphy of Pain"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: JerriKoe

08. "Weakened Will Part Two"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Daniel San

09. "ABC"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Walter 1ders

10. "Truth Serum"

Written by: Cedric Till and D'artayon Manning
Produced by: Andy Schlegel
Guest appearance by: D'artayon Duval (vocals) and Ian Dickinson (voiceover)

11. "Echo Herbs"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: JerriKoe
Guest appearance by: Jörg Daubner (vocals)

12. "Pisces In The Twelfth House"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: DJ Mentos
Guest appearance by: Sidney Klein (guitar)

13. "Ticket Expiry"

Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel

14. "Epilogue"

Written by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"
Produced by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"

All songs mixed and mastered by Andy Schlegel


all rights reserved



Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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