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(Asshole By Circumstance)


[Verse 1]
The phone rings, I'm busy drowning competitors in Haterade
Tell the caller to suck his own dick with a razorblade
Throw the horn down on the receiver
And proceed to raise the cleaver to a couple poor clowns in the bleachers
Of the O²-World, fuck you booing my team for?
Berlin City bitch, I put your beak on the floor
I bring the drama my wealthiest enemies can't afford
Cause lifepartners start cheating when there's feelings involved
Now who would've known what I was supposed to do? Not me!
Leave her soaking from the overproof - Knock-kneed!
Will she stop walking like a penguin soon? Godspeed!
But if she won't, it wasn't me
I might dirty my hands but never my pants cause
Everybody has a thumbscrew and I know the one of your friends
Man, sodomize a Taurus, in other words
Fuck the bullshit, let's hear the chorus from your daughter, she says

Momma, there goes that maaan
Conca, asshole by circumstance
Berlin City representer, with a nuse for a chain
For you spitters if you think if you can hang - I hear them say
Momma, there goes that maaan
Conca, asshole by circumstance
One deep till I'm six feet deep, you go hard?
Double Eagle on the course, and you, you just parred

[Verse 2]
Sippin' on the tears of a widow, called Cliquot
So mellow like Melo from the midpost
Till a Napoleon Complex midget feelin' like he 6'4"
Hands on his throat, now he feelin' like Carlessimo
Back to the champagne supernova, cascading
Down a glass pyramid, when the waitress finishes pouring
The bottle is placed inside of an ice cylinder
Women that rejected me feeling sour like vinegar
Don't wanna be friends now, huh? Like I give a fuck
Any meaning attached, anyway I'm just cynical
Indigo child, penning prose in a style
Difficult to profile, results pending
Folks doubting my drive, ultimately lack engines
Demon at the crossroads, blood in her inkpen
My soul for a fortune? Don't even get to thinking
I stab the bitch thru her pink skin and tell her take me to the kingpin

[Verse 3]
From the first, defiance has been my sanctuary
Middlefingers raised like rents until the day I'm buried
Not even hell is scary, strugglin' a part of me
Even if death has finally conquered me, my obituary
Will read: "All hail Concrete Cee"
The purgatory awaits, I pet the dog at the gates
Call the Devil a bitch ass nigga, exact revenge
And reappear with the grin of the Grinch in a black trench
In any event, many have sinned
They'll be forgiven when I empty the Semi at their expense
Marry the Maiden of Anguish, impale her with the stainless
Broadsword ensanguined by archangels that caved in
See to it illumination remains dim
Inject the venom of snakes crossbred with fake friends
Count my paces and take ten, raise the .454 Casull Contender
To her temple, Amen...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Walter 1ders



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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