Gold Standard EP

by Concrete Cee & Marius Gold

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Dear HipHop connaisseur:

All emcees have to adhere to the GOLD STANDARD established by the masters of this craft. The SUPERIMPOSITION of vocals over the beats has to be effected with utmost skill and intent.

You may have a breakfast for Gods to start your day, but this business forces you to accomodate DEMONS FOR DINNER. The punishment for any transgression of the PEN ETIQUETTE is the expulsion from the pantheon of lyricists you wrongly feel entitled to be enshrined in.

In our shared climb towards the olymp, one mantra always applies: ELBOWS FOR EVERYONE.

Just remember: As you hibernate during winter, someone else is headed for his own personal DOG DAYS.

Yours sincerely,

Marius Gold & Concrete Cee


released November 18, 2013

produced by Marius Wiechmann
written and performed by Cedric Till




Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Gold Standard
[Verse 1]
Blow dust off the wax, put the gem to the groove
I blow dust off the axe, spit the phlegm at your crew
Hard beats, hard rhymes, go ahead with the soft
Large feet to your behind, knock your melanin off

Elbows For Everyone not heeding the Pen Etiquette
Second transgression, Enkidu is at your residence
Third transgression, I'll send ya a small collection
From 14 years of being better than veterans

I can understand ya displeasure, cause I'm the reason
I let you live, but not without proof that you're defeated
Rest in peace to Salikh, we never made a song
But I promise to keep it true and through your seed you live on, one

Gold standard, panorama flow
Gold caskets for paladins though
Goldmine rhymes going for golden medals
In the gold league, we outrank all that's unholy

Golden silence from the crowd, then they going loud
Golden moments that's proud, we throw it down
Like Showtime in blue and gold, who do you know
From Berlin City, so true to the soul of HipHop

[Verse 2]
I put the game on notice
Fuck an uncrowned king, try an unknown poet unquoted
A bad omen for those who flow bogus
They say they rock the stage but their presence was eroded

By the venom in my veins I spew in a microphone
Dis-charged through the speakers as their motherfucking domes
Split from the impact, it's revaled who was the culprit
Concrete Cee leaves Goldmikes corroded

Irreverent creature, the weaker they loathe it
I put their, neck in a sleeper, their feet in a Lotus
I will sacrifice queens just to set up the king
And I don't bow to the East, but I'm back on my din

Gold standard, panorama flow
Gold caskets for paladins though
Goldmine rhymes going for golden medals
In the gold league, we outrank all that's unholy
Track Name: Superimposition
[Verse 1]
This that raw shit, punch your jaw shit - Castigate your bosses
During recording, then storm to Terry Tate your office
Elbows for every single form of life that wasn't aborted
Wrecking ball to your porcellain fortress, bitch

Smarten up, Natalie Portman your bars
You gotta Rapgenius all my shit, Conca Con legit-imately
Lyrically gifted to lividly rip rhythms to shreds
Spitting imagery, dispensing the PEZ

I'm a Capricorn, our chemistry is based on synastry
That is why you ain't equipped to speak to a real MC
You're a minstrel in a ministry, adding insult to injury
HipHop'll get you impeached, for perjury and mimikry

Brute Force attacks are effected if Gil with me
COPACABANA, no Brazilian beach, it's cryptography
Philosophize with the hammer, that's interrogation
You tell me what I'd love to know as I'm aimin'

...who're you dissin'?
Put the key in the ignition, pump the pistons
And go far from here, I'm bout to bring the fission
To your carbon-14s, dude you should've listened

It's a war of attrition, no escape for Plissken
Failed mission, hidden in plain vision
On Bermuda greens, stay at a distance and just witness
Assertion of self like superimposition

[Verse 2 Brother Gil]
Genji gloves on, Masamune blade on the neck of a
Talentless bard that makes sweet love songs
Incision made, counter-clock wise turn of the body
Inquisitors left wonderin' where the blood's gone

You count sheep and pull wool over your own eyes
Thinking it prepares you for the moment when your soul rise
I scry from the sanguine of the fallen orators
That I caused their widows to walk as penguins

The fat lady singing, I pray she hits a note
Heralds hear my poetry, I pray I'll hear'em quote
Drawing another edge from the sheath, spin move
Upward swing, see death coming from beneath

Leave a dust cloud behind from my seven-league boots
Can go where I please so I never need roots
Victory or escape, I never seek truce
With a snake, underestimating me was a mistake

[Hook 2x Concrete Cee / BROTHER GIL]
...who're you dissin'?
Put the key in the ignition, pump the pistons
I'm bout to bring the fission to your carbon-14s...

It's a war of attrition, no escape for Plissken
Hidden in plain vision on Bermuda greens
Stay at a distance and just witness
Like superimposition

Track Name: Demons For Dinner
I got voices in my head that want to argue with me
Appear calm and collected while coming apart at the seams
And I smile for no reason cause that's how I want it to be
So why the fuck you keep asking what's wrong with me?

I got demons for dinner coming over, quarter to three
They're fucking early, I ain't certain the apartment is clean
But whatever, I brewed some coffee, you can all have a seat
Just as long as you never question what is wrong with me!

[Verse 1]
It's very clear that I got issues, that's my passionate edge
In masculine threads the Daedric Prince of the realm of madness is back
To rap 'till he's fed, feastin' on a demon
Eating Mannish Water, cooked with a Baphomet head

The hors d'oeuvres are century eggs, the side dish is kimchi
My food for thought didn't meet the palate of many
Dessert for thought then, is hurled across the table but it doesn't offend me
As easy as I made it for you to resent me

I read that you called me evil, yeah, I've seen, heard and rapped it
But lower your head and you will see my knee jerk reaction
Seriously though, mind your motherfucking manners
May my outstretched arm mangle your face like Scanners, punk

Gokkun your pride like it's a can of cum, or be a
Mexican and stand if you want, with your nose doing the gerund of run
The fairest of ones, I could grant you is a talking mirror
Foreshading my future as your pallbearer, think about it...


[Verse 2]
In a padded cell with incubuses plagued by rape fantasies
Demented is an understatement, what if they were fans of me?
Explain your concept of sanity, I can divide
By zero and come up with answers more coherent than your tries

Your rap lives are lies, you're magpies and I've
The market for stuffed animals monopolized
A word from the wise on how to win a woman's heart
Show her a man with money then show her you got more

What the fuck that had to do with things? Nothing
It just goes to show you if I told you that I care I was bluffing
Straight Tom Dwan'ing the game, the person on the mic
Is a troll, those cue cards you hold, you better fold!
Track Name: Pen Etiquette
[Verse 1]
Quirky guy in a plain shirt, adapting to the framework
The dreaded routine, every day the same work
Commitment to my mission is demanding hard labor
Desire is AI playing the game hurt

So are we talking about practice? We tryna score
Love is war, so we take'em to the mattresses
Life's a movie and I'm method acting
So engrossed in my role, to be off screen is taxing

So you will understand why to me, recording IS relaxing
If not, it's unimportant, just pretend and nod
As any unhealthy bonds, I just ALT & F4 them
Press mute on any fool who is ALL CAPS talking

Five fingers on the hand, sign language to your noggin
Idiocracy, you need to use pictograms often
Sign my name in gold letters on an Instagram portrait
Caption reads: I'm a motherfucking boss with this, what!

[Verse 2]
Some prefer word mincing, sentences run, thru alembics
Others spin yarns as long as you listen
Web weaving, a tad deceiving, awakened wrath evens
The playing field, now it's my turn to wreak havoc

Were on the same frequency, now we heed static
Antennae broke, but won't summon a mechanic
Panic, button mashing, like playing Tekken 5
Cast out of your heart, can't be let back inside

Prejudiced pride, went from destined to be together
Since a child, to celestially crossed
In a matter of seconds to God, years to us
That's, holy shit even a Catholic can't afford

Occupy Padded Wall Street, that's a flash mob
Insane money, we're comin' your way fast
Bet your ass on it, along with the tents
And the picket signs, straddling the fence, high voltage

[Verse 3]
Beneath a microscope, if you analyze close
You'll see my mind is a colorful fauna
One thought on its own, is a peacock spider, during mating dance
Its beauty is impervious to your jaded glance

The hospital I was born in, today
Is left desecrated land, that's the way it panned out
Unsheathed my blade cause you couldn't stay your hands
If life is what happens as you making your plans

I guess death will intervene if you're taking the stand
See the red stakes in the sand? Penalty awaits
Whoever grabs the mic, to incite animosity
Towards me, generate club head velocity

Yeah, it's true I got a chip on my shoulder
Iron in the bag or the iron in the holster
Same rules apply if you're trying to approach the green
You need to practice your aim by all means
Track Name: Elbows For Everyone
[Verse 1]
Rappers say they're Rick Rossin' it, rented Maybachs
For the videos, real heads know they're Keith Clossin' it
You ain't ballin', your jaw is made of porcellain
China, in other words, your words are not yours

And my game is smash mouth, extinguish your Lewi's, ya liar
Didn't you catch my last stage show, doggie that was fire
For real, I brought the house down like an inside job
So many stories, the Petronas Towers stood before me

Hardly, that reference split the apple on your heads
Or that glass of Scotch, now shorty dead
I win, Javier Bardem, villain mode engaged
Anton Chigurh, hold still while I bolt ya face

Pokerface, if Phil Ivey asks you your name
Don't fix your lips and answer that question, he know who he plays
As for me, I couldn't give a fuck less who you are
On or off beat, you know I rap better than y'all

[Verse 2]
Canine trapmines, wack rhymes, bedtime
Snoozefest, you rest, in peace, big leaf
Victory signs with the fingers, hippie
Hipsters, pseudo-neo-multicultural

Spoiled middle class kids cursed by the hated Book of Jobs
Black Eyed Peas in a Pod, cast spells
iGod on his shirt, word, nerds rap well
It's the demise of record sales, welcome to my city!

The only dude I let rep Berlin is Peter Fox
The rest of y'all can see the Glock, that Uffie popped
Electro rap bitches get my sole to their hole
They said Streetball is dead, little bitches getting bold and it's sad

I grew up around older heads, elbows thrown instead
Of whining about hardboiled defense
Weaklings be switching up faster than after a screen-n-roll
One minute you front and the next you deepthroat!

[Verse 3]
Elbow mentality, mortal kombat on the mic
Reduce big wigs to kids, babality
Cattleprod chickens, cause clitoris calamities
H5N1 the bird in, like Miami

Who the fuck wanna battle me? People got too much
Time on their hands, like three watches
New rapper name, since we already got 2 Chainz
4 Bracelets, 5 Anklets, 6 Earrings

1 50 Cent song, remember "How To Rob"?
Told a groupie be silent and remember how to bob
Today I didn't feel like putting message in a song
Elbows for everyone, especially the ones

That's out there giving free hugs, I'm giving out
Coffee cups without bottoms and call them shits mean mugs
April the fifth, I'm still shaqtin' a fool
Don't care if you think I'm unfunny, I'm laughing at YOU!

You figure half the shit I rap about is actually true
Like how I never talk to classmates after the school...
Bitch please...
Track Name: Dog Days
[Verse 1]
Every dog has his day they say, and a house attached
And a bitch of a spouse to match
Meet Barbas, companion to Clavicus Vile
He'll tell why you couldn't succeed without the mask

There's no doubting the fact, how's that you ask?
Promote a image of yourself and get doused in cash
The real self stays hidden, enshrouded in mystery
Cause now you're living in a Baskerville chateau

Artificial art as opposed to the so-called natural
And you are not that, nor have you
Illusory protection gets shattered
Word to the liquid sword wielding chess master

Life's not preoccupied with the hereafter, men are
Therefore reflections are found, in our memoirs
Rolled to a bundle, delivered to the virtual doorsteps
By Lycos labradors via RSS

[Verse 2]
A whistle silent to a human ear, beckons the setter
As the rifle gets shouldered when hunters are shooting deer
This is how you know that you're prepared
By Pavlovian conditioning, to do as your partner expects ya

Let me continue this lecture, most people find pleasure
In manipulation, to which a dog is more receptive
Than a cat is, you wonder whose ego is petted?
The caregiver's or the caretaker's? When bare naked

A talk turns to a situation, where there's no escaping
Primal instinct to run is negated
Primal instinct to procreate is left baseless
Cause it's about continuation or separation

Puppy eyes cry a basin, cause someone kicked it
Bark up the wrong pitbull and be a victim
Money Is A Major Issue, be a good retriever
Or feel the hyenas' teeth gleefully sink in

[Verse 3]
Rabid howl choir, voice of the Cerberus
Your signature affirmative, the curtains lifted
Applause was heard from distance, purgatory visions
This was then, well now, things are quite different

The contract's expired, the hellhounds are sent in
Better draw a line of salt at all points of entrance...

Well, it's obvious you didn't
Entrails are found from the toilet to the kitchen
The voice of reason spoke back then, you wouldn't listen
Cause every ambition has a price of admission