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[Verse 1]
Burnt scrolls as the magic is forgotten
And the ashes of a tome have been thrown into the wind
Some will note this was a long time coming
Even more so hope the author's soul has been cleansed
The longest journey ends, Stark wins
Over Archadia, the calculator beat the wand again
So where is April Ryan when you need her?
Clouds of chaos are forming over the keeper of balance
Of his own world, in which everything that pertains
To his life's been a challenge -
Merits are unacknowledged, errors are magnified beyond
The point of being able to ever live them down, a frown
Was chiseled in his face, the rage boils beneath
A rugged surface, a cherubim figure, kind eyes
But well intent to cut your spirit from your body
Should you ever breach the peace that I seek!
Disinherited the Earth because I'm clearly sick and tired of playing meek
Raise my cleaver to the sheep, halal slaughter is in order
Starving artists need to eat! I refuse to bow
To your motherfucking rules, gimme mine or get beat!
What the hell you think is bound to happen
When the boiling point reached? Bet a planet, I'ma feast
On any motherfucker that I meet
Spit the bones onto the ground before your feet
Very much irreverent, intentional neglicence
Kick the door in, take a dump on a carpet in your residence
Ask me if it's vengeance, I say nothing then you guess again
If you don't understand me innately, who's crazy?
Like you can't really sense the influence that nearly made me
What I would hate to be and gladly ain't have yet become
The only thing that keeps my heart beating is the drums
And the melody accompanying, destiny will come...

[Verse 2]
Tears 'cause of people are pearls before the swine
Diamonds in the dirt everyone leaves behind
Potential is a lie, well intentioned is blind
What you will find, the skin of a person's a braille sign
Touch it, you feel exactly what that person has in mind
Still, unrequited feelings put you in that friendzone
As women run back to who touched down in that endzone
Please excuse if I'm cynical
Tomorrow it may occur I see a different you
This goes out to everybody that I fell for
Have a nice life, see you at hell's doors
Inhale NO² now, teargas later
Or mustard gas for that matter, who cares
I'm climbing up the ladder of success, see you when I get this paper
Dressed in fly attire, happy to see me now, ain't ya?
Hater, catch me cool as a glacier
Wherever the bouncer deny you the entrance
I invested a lot but it didn't pay me no interest
Withdrew, left middlefingers for you
Take heed to words of weariness, glaring thru a pair of jade glasses
At a woman with some Girlfriend Experience
Under a spell like Imperius, curious in appearance
But ain't really caring, pedal her rear end
What for it's worth, I learned to curtain my impertinence
Sober mirth was shown when life wasn't merciless
Erred on occasion of emotional impairment
But still inspired forgiveness on the grounds of my awareness
Of my huge inadequacies, laterally thinking
Your way around power games is a delicate matter indeed
Glad if me and my soul mate ever meet
But until then, I'll be like my engineer, trying to master me...

[Verse 3]
See, compassion is a tear jerker, for the one who feels it
Reciprocity's the only way of building
Absence can make hearts go yonder
But sometimes it does the opposite, so what kind is it?
These are findings, from experience mining
This vein is rich, let's bleed it, what better timing?
If it's cryptic, there is mystique to it
The interest in the occult is deep rooted
But to ignore the game's rules would be foolish
Tesla ended impoverished and secluded
Thomas Edison has patented inventions that
Actually were none of his doing, who cares to prove it?
The thought of creativity's so amusing
A race to getting credit for a stolen blueprint
Please pardon my transgression, as the truth is
The least valid selling point in all of music
It used to be choosing a niche that you fit
Now it's to do whatever clients tell you, kiss
Your self-realization goodbye
If ever in your plans were to sell a couple units
Grimoire Capricornus shall commemorate
Explanations of things that are hard to demonstrate
Self-fulfilling prophecies that when the record's played
Set the record straight... until I've left the stage...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"
Produced by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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