from by Cedric Till

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[Verse 1]
Moths around a lightbulb, a dusty old tome on the pedestal
In which the author pens with a feathered quill
Drawing from an inkwell, filled with the thoughts
Not intended for a Pensieve, for if sentiments are vented
The result is explosive resembling nitroglycerin
And I cannot be held liable for visions that may, enter their minds
And my resistance to fear is ten times of theirs
So why would I dare, expose'em to emotions that scare?
Imagine, everything that your intuition
Would tell you was true, is trusting it what you'd fail to do?
If you could see the waypoints of a person's path
And read the dialogue, rehearse it before your first of chats
You grab the phone before it rings, a second later
You bluntly address the person like "Hey, pretty thing"
"How're you doing?" Her response is far from congruent
But before she gets to say it, you let her know you see through her
Imagine, you had a scale for a thought
Which has weight, and if shared with a person it has more
You may now see the extent of the gravitas
Present in this elaborate sentence in this passage
Take a look at my shelf of classics
The Oghma Infinium right next to the Mysterium Xarxes
The Philosophy of Time Travel, the revised version
Of the Neverending Story starring me
Books are scattered like the Chromanin, a horde of
Your worst nightmares will attack you if you open them
While many of his fellow writers press for bestsellers
The Paladin is on a long lost quest for valor
The tarnished armor is a witness of forgiveness
The fact, that he is still drawing breath should scare you shitless
No heir to riches, he was situated poorly
In his childhood, he lost his friend Falkor to a blaze of glory
He found solace realizing he could write
Then he turned into a warrior poet, like almost overnight
The clouds formed a doubt storm, he nagivated the sea
Of depression following his inner light, knowing that
When the Focault drops the last pin
The cleansing of the spirit will begin
The summoner will send the spiritual particles off into the wind
After the body dissolves, few of us know where the soul went...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel
Guest appearance by: Ian Dickinson (voiceover)



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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