Weakened Will Part Two

from by Cedric Till

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It's still chilly in the city, pistols'll blast
Some lost the battle to forget, not remember the past
Apocalypse travels in fours and vengeance is sworn
For family members that's gone, this system is wrong
They say that sky is the limit, the hood got strong gravity
Hazing the brain to bits with drugs to flee reality
If you live by the sword, by the sword you'll be killed
I hope your flesh appears strong, when compared to the steel

[Verse 1]
Welcome to canine claymores, stolen cars dodge radars
Fuck how they paint the walls, the grey's in our hearts
Empty glassy eyes of teens congregating at malls
Camera surveilled train stations, freebasing in parks
Most flats reek of booze, weed, cigs and condoms
Squad cars are seen on my block just like they parking
Cops come out of laundries in civis
Like I can't recognize their faces, or I ain't privy to the fact
They just got bribed to keep their eyes off the pies in the basement
Forget to pay and they'll be signing that statement, see thru my eyes
And notice everybody's war paint, red halos, black wings
All'em fallen angels - You still wonder where the faith went?
Everybody rather make them ends meet, than make amends
Those are the basics, most fathers are faceless
Most daughters are ageless when it comes to pregnancy
Arranged marriages, 5 digit dowries, hurray pimps!
Hummer 3s, Alpine Beamers and Maseratis
Driven by women in clothes that's probably worth a bachelor party
Criminal energy lends to allegories
Seen and heard it all before, so I can tell this story

[Verse 2]
Shattered glass at a bus stop, low lifes rambling
Marinating in cheap beer, slot machine gambling
I rode the train one time, a bum carried his literal shit
In a bag, still begging for dimes
Playgrounds are needle beds, drug stashes and
Every so often you're crossing the path of a soul fiending for meds
Golden pants, hair and face done up
A blue spot on her cheek, symbolic to most of their lives on the street
Concrete blocks on their feet, swim vests on their chests
Tears up to their necks, money talks them to death
The chalky outlines got names and dates on them
All set ahead of their time, it's like they wait on them
Grave warnings are issued, if pay's brought in
Love's the opposite of a virtue where's hate stronger
Good deeds are shot down with shrugs from the elders
The only sense of unity's collective failure...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Daniel San



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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