Proffer Sessions EP

by Concrete Cee & Swarthy Soul

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In 2011, London-based producer Swarthy Soul approached Concrete Cee via FB to do a collaborative effort. The EP was finished in six months, and then originally released via Soundcloud. Now, a year belated, the EP is finally available via Bandcamp.


released May 25, 2012

All tracks except track 5 produced by Walter Sule (Swarthy Soul)
All tracks written by Cedric Till (Concrete Cee)
Cover and traycard designed by Phillipp Hernandez Garcia




Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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Track Name: Mindin' My Business
-Verse 1
Point of this song? See, I do what I feel
At 22, I'm like screw how y'all feel
More selective with the people I let stay around
I don't play around with none of y'all, got a problem with me, bruh, say it now

I keep it simple for the simple so you keep your health
You got me confused with a man who repeats himself
So, come at the king, you best not miss
Come at my queen, you best not diss, get your own woman

Not a cheap one, one to hold you down, when the storm's coming
Hard to come by but the wait's worth it
Interference with relationships got people murdered
That's why I stick to my biz, I got greater worries

Such as keeping the refrigerator full
And the rhymes on point like a pencil in school
You want a verse but you wack? I ain't dealin' with you
And since you wasn't in the vid, I ain't chillin' with you!

-Verse 2
No longer will I waste time with schemes of another person
Be straight with me or just disperse in the wind
Setbacks came from dependence, a brother got the urge to win
This ain't about the money, more about growth

More about hopes and dreams, more about
Going for what I need, better quality in life
And that means, visiting historic locations
Far places, that I thought I wasn't gonna see in life

It means, being a better man for my woman
Less frowns, more smiles, while keeping my biz running
Less pork, more veggies, real talk
Cause the unnecessary fat you take in is bad for the heart

All in all, it's bout staying healthy, doing your sports
No matter if you box, dance or hoop on courts
Stay away from courtrooms and who knows - I might move abroad
Soon, my last liberties I choose to hold onto...

-Verse 3
I'm aware of all the drama, aware of all the gossip
But so in my zone, I ain't got the mind to think about it
I ain't dealing with the rap scene, I'm absent
From all functions, maybe would attend if some cash was sent

But maybe not, cause then I would seem part of it
And seem associated to people I loathe
Since reputation is important, I ain't eating with foes
And my agenda isn't based on a weaker impulse

Such as gluttony and greed
Luckily I rid myself of the demons that had me underachieving
And now, you can see a brother walking with his head up
Can't afford to let up, bumpin' "Mind Over Matter"

Tracy Marrow was the spark to my career as a rapper
I gotta thank the people that helped me to keep it together
When I was talking bout quittin', you was like "you bullshittin!"
Half of my life I been spittin', now I spit for a living, so I'm

Up in the morning, at six on the dot
Getting on the clock, working hard to raise the pot
I'm just minding my business - Berlin City representin'
When the record spinning, it's the end of the beginning

Because I'm moving, up, in the world
All that matters is the music and the love of my girl
You see I'm just minding my business - Berlin City representin'
When the record spinning - Yes I do this for a living
Track Name: Clock In, Clock Out
-Verse 1
Berlin City's best rhymes from the essence, designed by a mind stressin'
In times divided by the fine line of intention
Why do I write bars? - Modern minds decline descension
To a life of crime that can't provide a pension, might I mention

No Star Trek, but I'm definitely on an Enterprise mission
Focused on steady climbin', busters die sniffin'
While I'm splittin' my pie with real people of the craft
Payin dues, solidifyin' my position

Fuck an entourage, I build networks
Get with Con or feel shitted on in the next verse
Nevermind bitches, mind on my business
You fuck with that, get found with the fishes like what is ya net worth?

Like Prop Joe - I want everybody to eat
But unlike him - I sense a Marlo's plottin' on me
How I know? - Keep an eye in the rear, one in the front
Know all 48 laws, but I'm only applyin' some

I am livin' by a code, even if dyin' broke was my fate
With pride in my chest, I'd stroll to the gate
Cause real talk, fuck everyone in my life that
Wasn't involved in a positive way, that's all I'm gon' say

Better give him yards, when you see him comin'
It's a call to arms, better keep runnin'
Look in his eyes, realize he's in assault mode
Ain't no tellin' how it's gonna go

And when the money low, the fridge bare, trust
That this man is going for his, ain't nuthin' to discuss
Bet your last, I ain't coming home with empty hands
Been at the bottom, I ain't planning to go back again, understand

-Verse 2
Assault mode, blazing new trails at any crossroad
Still paying respect to the legends that went before though
Approach is hard-nosed, God knows that people in the US
And UK feel the foreign flows Con shows

If it's a battle and you're in the front row
I'm the wildcard, the man you put money on isn't goin' for
You just a spectator, the last album I made
Was a call to arms against the scene, you stood still

I guess you react later, all it takes is flashing paper
I drew a line in the center as the equator
Asked every spitter to step over it, or else they get vaporized
You know a part of the game is taking sides

So fuck - everybody ain't doin' this for the craft
Cause you go against the culture when you do it for the cash only
If that's you - Middlefinger to your family, your concubine
That's paid for, your label and your last homie

-Verse 3
I gotta make it, understand me?
Everybody in my ear about a Plan B
Going thru states of depressions, facing questions
I remain silent, sick of repetition and riffin'

And if, I can't live off the songs that I knock out
I ain't going to the block with a Glock out
I made a vow to live honest, I can't cop out
To make it work, I'ma clock in, clock out

Nine-to-five it if necessity arises
Cause necessity's survivin', so to better me I'm strivin'
Family arguments, former partners that turned to targets
They never watered the soil, but wanna harvest

I'm a 12-year veteran, who said I'm a novice?
Repeat that sentiment in close quarters, end up in a closed coffin
Bottom line, fuck ya favorite rapper
And fuck going hard, solid is my common state of matter
Track Name: Livin' The Life
-Verse 1
At the Sehraya, second floor, blowing strawberry hookah
Rings in the air, watchin' Leo Messi do his thing
With the round leather, Real fans frown but whatever
Their team gotta step it up to be kings

And I just a love good game, my homie right next to me
No words needed, no need to get weeded
Fly arabian women breeze by, playin' conceited
But who cares about it, as long as they ain't hidin' their features

Berlin City night time, where freaks leaving their leashes at home
Living the party life, I see what they're on
But it's okay though, my mood balanced, the streets quiet
A long stroll thru the 36, but I ain't feelin' tired

2 am in the morning, I'm comin' home
Fall asleep next to my girl, at peace, in a zone of comfort
Come what may, I'm feeling ready and rested
Orange juice and eggs are sunny side up when it's breakfast, knah'm'sayin'?

-Verse 2
Green's lit, in between shifts
We shoot hoops at the weekend, then have perfect dinners
That are steeped in tradition, cause Cee's in the kitchen
Culinary wizardry is the mission, throw a disc in the player

And zone out to some Kind of Blue
Playing chess, wine glasses clang, find me at a game
Cursin' out the referee cause the opposing center
Stood more than three ticks in the lane, you dig what I'm sayin'?

Blue and Yellow all day, Number 41 better play for us
Next season, if there's no NBA
Whatever, I put some cheddar aside to go places
Reward for hard work generates motivation

Patience, diligence, determination
Are cool, but you flamin' out, if you don't chill on occasion
So yeah, I can acknowledge the need to get the cheese
But I've been grinding all the time, so now I gotta do me and be free...

When the daily routine is on timeout
You and your homies are on a night out
And the stress is all gone as you find out
Everybody needs a reward when they grind out
That's called livin' the life -
That's called livin' the life -