Ticket Expiry

from by Cedric Till

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Beneath a pile of bills, as heavy as the pressure to succeed
Or to feed your seeds, you place second your needs
You demand what is rightfully yours, that's not greed
I wish I could show you where I hope your path'll lead
To my fellow craftlovers that's lacking a backrub
Or a reason to a continue a job you don't love
Other than the money earned, hand to mouth living
A full fridge from begging, ignored as the world turns
Big city anonymity, you're nobody's concern
Where's the love you ask, but never learn
Virtues society placed in a urn, you uphold
I mourn the living more than the ones who were taken by gunsmoke
Faith in religion, your only crutch that's not broke
Out of touch with family, like dialing a number
Not in service, at the cemetery the flowers
Just drop to wither away, try again another day
That will never come, whatever your dream is, it's never done
Unless you decide to wake up, in that case you live
At the same time, attending your own wake every day
Forced to repeat the same mistakes
See the numbers game is hard to win
Especially if it is foreign expectations that you're caught up in
Responsibility's the cross we bear with no acknowledgement
Duties taken for granted yield no feeling of accomplishment
Everybody tells you beware the man on the lever
Same people turn silent when told to speak up
Adapt to the average, you will never keep up
Analyze your leverage while playing like you're weaker
Defiance is the fuel to the motor called motivation
Last thing you wanna hear is "Be patient"
People always tell you: "Settle for security"
Sure is death so to be sure to breathe

[Hook 2x]
Better take a gamble and lose, than never winning
Cause you don't play, just keep the wheel of fortune spinning
All is okay, as long as you got a day
Left on your ticket to life, one more chance to get it right


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andy Schlegel



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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