Truth Serum

from by Cedric Till

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It was August 21st, 2010
There was a prologue before that, but in all reality
That's the day where this story begins
And every time he hears her voice, he feels he's there with her again

[Verse 1]
Walking through the city, two souls at peace
Finally they found each other, who had thought they would meet?
And time flew by, neither wanted to part
One last hug, he entered the bus, that was the start
Of many nights missing her presence, contact
Was sporadic, both of them stressed out from life matters
They had their own romances to cater to
Time went on and he began to favor her
He had to sacrifice a piece, he had to make a move
What if to win the game of life a queen's to lose?
Butterfly Effect, which reality is his?
The one that he pursues or the one that he resists?
He bottled everything up until he couldn't
While trying to prolong a match, knowing that he shouldn't
When they spoke, he knew she noticed the tension
Tried to give her clues, didn't know if she would get'em
She soothed his pain for the simple fact she listened
And cared, what he bared to her, he wouldn't tell a friend
This, bond they share's so magical and intimate
He wants to start anew with her and that is just how real it is

[Chorus 1]
He could be the one
She could be the one
If she'd just let go
Nothing's holding her back and she should know
He could be the one
She could be the one
If she'd just let go
Nothing's holding her back but does she know?

[Verse 2]
He's an open book to her, her voice is truth serum
She wouldn't need to ask for his secrets to hear'em
Whispering her name to himself, smiling with
A warm feeling inside, not able to think of somebody else
He wonders if she's thinking he's just a friend
He remembers her swearing to never love again
He knows she craves warm affectionate embraces
Knowing her heart is truly safeguarded, cause it's sacred
Only wish he had was share another moment
Hopin' it won't end, just soakin' it all in
He could feel from her aura, she's so tense
Just wants to hold her, carefully close in
Kiss and tell her "There is nothing I won't do for you
I know a lot of women but to me, they ain't as beautiful"
Her brown eyes are full of tenderness
Them alone is his vision of perfect present tense
What a team they'd be, Capricorn and Taurus
Patiently persist beyond the obstacles before'em
He knows that risk is involved
But pursuit of happiness is what existence is for...

He wrote a lot of love songs but never pressed record
And you've never pressed play, when it's you that it's for
Rest assured, no matter how life is taking its course
He'd gladly give you the keys and tell you that he is yours...

[Chorus 2]
He could be the one
You could be the one
If you'd just let go
Nothing's holding you back and you should know
He could be the one
You could be the one
If you'd just let go
Of what is holding you back and let him close

Cause if this Earth should come, to a desolate end
Let us clasp our hands, and walk...
Just the two of us...
Just the two of us...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till, D'artayon Manning
Produced by: Andy Schlegel
Guest appearances by: D'artayon Duval (vocals), Ian Dickinson (voiceover)



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Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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