Calligraphy Of Pain

from by Cedric Till

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[Verse 1]
Writing rhymes, my calligraphy of pain
Curses are in cursive, I'm not worth worshippin'
Fuck a legacy, my feelings be the same
And I'm not going to church again - I'm past prayin'
Put my sword in a stone, put the stone in a river
Let it freeze to a glacier, my soul season is winter
Let my eyes do the talking when my lips are sealed
Let your heart do the knowledge when I'm spittin' the real
Let my fists convey whatever language cannot
Let action solve what words can't, cause y'all gon' stand
For peace while it is in your interest, quietly protest
Meek like slaves that chose death - I don't jest
Smoke the cess to postpone the stress
Then I go home to rest, another day another euro
Got bars for the beats, got work for employers
But the doors I plan on going thru shut when I get too close
You abide by the law, I slip thru loopholes
Once righteous, now my mind is in true neutral
That's what the blues do, I'm world-weary
Everytime I face depressions, I'm seeing my girl teary
Christened evangelist now an existentialist
My basic autosuggestion was I can handle this
Then I'm proven wrong, then I do a song
About movin' on to analyze what I'm doin' wrong
Regarding fucks to give, I'm in debt
While I wanna learn more, I also wanna forget
Wisdom's just a testament to the pain
You can lie to yourself that you made it through, but the scars remain
And you'll always remember, you'll always be traumatized
My heart has a wound, at times not even love can cauterize
It re-opens everytime I am reminded
By these irredeemable people, who claim they care about me
That's why they doubt me and I get their hatred
Masqueraded as concern, are you insolent by mistake?
Am I too much to handle? If am let me go
Everyone voices demands, they won't let me know
I can count on them, not by words, but by actions
Am I better off alone like addition by subtraction?
People say they feel me, should I believe them?
When it's everyone for himself, why listen to your reasons?


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: JerriKoe



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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