Who Goes There?

from by Cedric Till

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Hark, who goes there?

[Verse 1]
Jaws drip saliva, venemous fangs
Are bared, wiser men have been known to die in vain
So pour a little glass for the carcasses
Pray your nightmares never enter metamorphisis
Welcome to the mind of a man past 7:30
Turning apparel from eggshell to burgundy
Certainly you got a few questions
On how you got here (instant - piano - drop!)
He met this blonde with a pair of scissors
And she's good with threads, I pity your fate if you ever meet her sisters
Never take her on a walk, cause despite the Hermes boots
The lady ain't as fast as she talks
Settled at a bar, ordered Scotch with the ashes
Of a phoenix, and bid the Leviathans nice evening
Double-edged sword overhead, just a deadly decoration
In case a patron'd skip out on the tab

[Hook 2x]
Don't push me, cause you're close to this edge
You should try not to lose your head

[Verse 2]
He's charcoal to a Twin Flame, passenger on the Styx
Ambassador of the Abyss, hair about as wavy
As a kris, seals deals with a kiss
Then ensures the fine print stays written on your skin
Last seen at the Garden, which one?
Anyone, Madison, Eden or Alhambra
His idea of retirement the same as a Blade Runner's
Saw a woman walk alone and regards her with great hunger
A voice in his head says "I know that you want her"
Another says "You're better off looking for someone younger"
A sharp pain in his arm interrupts them both
Then his eyes find a man with a Colt in a trenchcoat
Everybody turns in shock, as the man who was shot
Burst aflame, he screams from the surging pain
Only blood came in spurts remained
The bullet with fine gravure said: "I curse your name!"

[Hook 2x]
Don't push me, cause you're close to this edge
You should try not to lose your head


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till
Produced by: Andreas Schlegel

Guest appearance by: [name redacted]



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Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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