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[Verse 1]
...As the veil lifts slowly
The spotlight allows the whole crowd to behold me
Covered in blood, forehead shiny
Salt protruding from my eyes as I peek
Down the first rows, hope I see someone I know
No reaction, there is nowhere to go
The first words leave my lips, silence greets me
My sense of environment just cease to exist
In the middle of the speech I forget what was scripted
Memory draws lyrics from areas restricted
The tome that I studied prior to performing
Appears in front of me and flips open like it's been dormant
For too long and, the pages turn, to a section
I desire burned, it reads "you're nobody's concern"
"Where's the love" I asked but never learned
Until I found it in myself, not everything given is returned

[Chorus 1]
I stared down the mirror, my reflection flinched
Lost my shadow and got sued for neglicence
I know the past haunts whoever sins
But I am loved for my flaws, who's a seraphim?
So blow the horns for the Paladin
That killed the Crusaders after joinin' Saladin
Spread the word through the taverns and inns
So that all heralds will sing:

"Concrete Cee is back again"

[Verse 2]
Still astage, telekinetic manual motions
Turn the page, observe a battlemage, at work
I read the phrase "when in doubt, give"
How much is determined by, wherever does thou live
I read from the brother of Tantarian
And the cousin of the epic written by the Sumerians
Haikus de grace, poetry of war
The depth within the lines is confined to the pause
Between measures, to those who know me
I must really seem restless, no peace to rest in
Mostly I issue answers oblique as questions
That don't betray intentions, I beat depressions
The same way, you'd treat unhealthy obsessions
I substitute, now I covet the succulent fruit of my labor
It fell far from the trunk of the Yggdrasil planted
Rotten at the end of the branches...

[Chorus 2]
I used to carry my sword round for all to see
Till my blade went dull when foes cornered me
I used to stay on squares that's unguarded
Until I got checked, now I steer clear of carnage
I used to overbet hands that were garbage
I can't tell you where awakening started
But the pen had more ink to spare
So today I read to you from the Grimoire Capricornus...


from Grimoire Capricornus, released January 16, 2017
Written by: Cedric Till as "Concrete Cee"
Produced by: JerriKoe



all rights reserved


Concrete Cee Berlin, Germany

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